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Instructional Support Staff

Undergraduate Chemistry courses are supported by staff members working in Latimer and Lewis Hall. Staff members enable the smooth delivery of courses by helping instructors with both administrative and practical aspects of course delivery.

Instructional Support Administration

Instructional Support administration (ISA) members are responsible for the administrative support of both lab and theory courses.

Name, Title, Contacts Functional and Course Responsibility
Lucia Briggs
Program Administrator
332 Latimer Hall
(510) 643-9939

Undergraduate Chemistry course management and Organic chemistry enrollment.

(Chem 3A/AL, 3B/BL, Chem 12A/B)
Natalie Johnson
Instructional Support Administrator
330 Latimer Hall
(510) 642-8163

Undergraduate Chemistry course support, instructional technology (bcourses) exam preparation, grade database and statistical reporting, website management, information screens.

(Chem 1A/AL, 1B, 3A/AL, 3B/BL, 4A/B, 12A/B)
Laura Fredriksen
Instructional Support Facility Manager
211 Latimer Hall
(510) 664-7159

Undergraduate Chemistry lab management, ISF supervision, instructional lab safety, and GSI coordination.

Sara Russell
Administrative Assistant
213 Lewis Hall
(510) 642-7443

Department Scheduler, Undergraduate Chemistry course support, TeleBears, course waitlist and pre-requisite reporting, exam seating and seating charts, exam DSP coordination, Scantron testing, textbook ordering.

(Chem 12A/B, 3A/AL, 3B/BL)

Instructional Support Facility

Instructional Support Facility (ISF) members, enable the delivery of lab courses by preparing and setting up chemicals and equipment required to deliver laboratory experiments. There are three ISFs located on the second and third floor of Latimer Hall. There are four ISF supervisors based at the various ISF locations with responsibility for specific chemistry courses as indicated below:

Name, Title, Contacts Course Responsibility Lab Room Responsibility
Terrence Chang
221 Latimer Hall
(510) 643-7140
Lower Division, General Chemistry for non-Chemistry majors.
(Chem 1AL and 1B)
2nd Floor Latimer Hall: 201, 202, 204, 205, 209 and 220
Mark Creelman
221 Latimer Hall
(510) 642-6981
Lower Division, General Chemistry for Chemistry majors.
(Chem 4A, 4B and 15)
2nd Floor Latimer Hall: 210, 216 and 217
Danil Smiles
315 Latimer Hall
(510) 642-6599
Organic Chemistry for majors and non-Chemistry majors.
(Chem 3A, 3B, 112A and 112B)
2nd & 3rd Floor Latimer Hall: 224, 225, 310, 320, 321 and 322
Dante Valdez
306 Latimer Hall
(510) 642-7469
Upper Division, Chemistry for Chemistry majors. Instrumental Methods, Inorganic, Advanced Organic, Physical, and Atmospheric Chemistry.
(Chem 105, 108, 115, 125, 146, C178 and C182)
2nd Floor Latimer Hall: 301, 302, 305 and 306

Instructional Support Demonstration

Instructional Support Demonstration (ISD) is responsible for preparing lab demonstrations for both real-time lectures and recorded material made available via an online medium.

Name, Title Contacts Responsibility
Karen Chan
B17 Pimentel Hall
(510) 642-6687
Classes, which utilize live and recorded demonstrations.
Note: A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to organize an experiment that is not already included within a course schedule.