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The Association of American Universities (AAU) launches STEM education initiative website. (July 2014)

The Association of American Universities (AAU), an association of leading public and private research universities, launches the AAU STEM Initiative Hub, a website that will both support and widen the impact of the association's initiative to improve the quality of undergraduate teaching and learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields at its member institutions. Find out more about the AAU STEM Initiative Hub

Cal student employs robotics as a vehicle to encourage student involvement with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). (June 2014)

In 2011 Lavanya Jawaharal and her sister Melissa co-founded STEM Center USA, a project to excite and engender a passion for STEM. The sisters discovered that high school and college students were excited by robotics, but commercially available robot kits were either too simple or too complicated. In true engineer spirit they decided to develop their own robot kit called Pi-Bot. The pair secured funding via Kickstarter to produce the kits, which should start shipping this month. Find out more about STEM Center USA

$1.5 million grant aims to boost STEM in San Rafael schools. (March 2014)

San Rafael City Schools is set to receive $1.5 million to boost its STEM curriculum through a collaborative training program for teachers. The money, allotted by the state through the California Mathematics and Science Partnership, will be used to train to integrate math, science and related fields in a manner that fits with the new Common Core State Standards teaching method. It applies to third through eighth grades. Read more here

UCB, New Center for Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) Scholars announced. (October 2013)

Berkeley's Professional Development Program (PDP) announces the new Berkeley Center for STEM Innovation, Leadership and Diversity - an incubator for the next generation of pacesetters in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The new STEM Center can help meet the nation's demand for highly skilled professionals who will create innovative solutions for the rapidly evolving needs of our diverse society. More information here

UCB, College of Chemistry team, secures 2013-2014 Presidential Chair Fellows Curriculum Enrichment Grant. (August 2013)

The team has been awarded the grant to develop a Teacher-Scholars program. The program will create a community of undergraduates responsible for facilitating scientific discussion, the Teacher-Scholars Program, in both non-majors and majors in introductory, general, and organic chemistry courses, which are required for students in many or most STEM majors. The team members are Professor Anne Baranger, Professor John Arnold, Dr Peter Marsden and Dr MaryAnn Robak.

Chemical Science Roundtable (CSR) workshop, Undergraduate Chemistry Education (June 2013)

The workshop explored multiple drivers that could affect undergraduate chemistry curriculum including changes in STEM education and implications of evidence-based education research The workshop convened May 22-23, 2013 presentations from the workshop have now been published: CSR presentations

SMASH is resident at Berkeley from June 22 - July 27, 2013. (July 2013)

SMASH or 'Summer Maths and Science Honors Academy' is a five week summer program for high achieving, low income high school freshman of color. This summer 70 scholars are staying in campus accommodation, attending lectures and working on collaborative science projects. Scholars follow a curriculum, which is developed by the Level Playing Field Institute and delivered by bay area high school science teachers. UCB@SMASH

Learning by Teaching (June 2013)

At UC Berkeley, an undergraduate-led course on the chemistry of nutrition builds communication skills through science writing. See full article

UC Berkeley on the Cutting Edge of Teaching (May 2013)

How graduate-student instructors help undergrads thrive. See full article

LBNL's Kathy Yelick on the Importance of STEM Education (March 2013)

Kathy Yelick, Associate Laboratory Director for Computing Sciences at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Yelick is a strong supporter of STEM education efforts around Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and she offers advice for young people looking to get into science. See full article

Steven Pedersen named as one of Princeton Review's 300 Best Professors

Steve Pederson

College of Chemistry Senior Lecturer Steven Pedersen is honored as one of The Princeton Review's "Best 300 Professors". See full article

$3.5 million gift from Dow to develop sustainable chemistry education

dow news

The College of Chemistry will rebuild the college's aging undergraduate teaching labs and design a new curriculum based on the principles of sustainability and green chemistry, with the support of a $3.5 million gift from The Dow Chemical Company Foundation. See full article

Berkeley Lab-founded Program Shares Astonomy With African Youth

Susan Murabana majored in economics, but science is her true calling, or more specifically, science education and outreach. She loves nothing more than inspiring young people to engage in science and discover new concepts. So when she came across the educational program Global Hands-On Universe (GHOU) several years ago, she immediately knew she wanted to get involved. (Berkeley Lab News Center) See full article