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Tools for Instructors

Research Hub
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Google Apps

Create a Blog

Share information with your class! Instructors and students can post and respond to questions, engage in discussions, and share opinions with each other. Here are two easy options for creating blogs:

Google Blogger

Google Blogger is one of the easiest sites to use for beginners, but is flexible for advanced users. To start your blog:

  1. In your Web browser, go to http://www.blogger.com
  2. Either sign into your existing Google account or create one by clicking on Get started.
  3. Follow the steps outlined on the site to create your account. You must download Google Chrome web browser when prompted to use this service.
  4. Click on New Blog and enter the title and address you want to use for the blog.
  5. Pick a template for your blog and click Create blog!
  6. Click Start blogging and you are ready to begin.


WordPress is another great option for creating a free blog and is also very easy to use. To use WordPress:

  1. Go to: http://www.wordpress.com
  2. Click on Get started.
  3. Follow the steps outlined on the site to create your account: enter blog address, username, password, etc.
  4. Click on Create Blog.
  5. Word Press will send you an email to activate your account. Click on the Activate Blog link in the email.
  6. This takes you to the site. Click on Create Blog and begin.

Use Prezi to Create Cloud-Based Presentations

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that helps you create visually captivating presentations. To create an account go to: http://prezi.com/login/?next=/your/. Click on "Sign up now" to view the pricing details. The Public license is free and allows you 100 MB of storage.

Create a Piazza Discussion Site for Your Class

Piazza is an online discussion site where students can ask and answer questions under the guidance of their instructor. To create a free account go to: https://piazza.com/ and click on "Create a Piazza for Your Class".

Diigo Online Research Tool

Diigo is an online research tool and collaborative research platform that integrates several key technologies, including social bookmarking, web annotation, tagging, and group-based collaboration, to enable a whole new process of online knowledge management and participatory learning. To create an account go to: http://www.diigo.com/ and click on "Get Started Now".

Manage Research Data with UC Berkeley's Research Hub

Research Hub is designed for collaboration. Quickly create sites for your research teams and projects, or simply share files with a co-author. Built-in wikis, blogs, discussion forums and other tools support group communication. Roles and permissions allow teams to divvy up organizational tasks and keep private files private. Use Research Hub to upload files from your desktop, enabling you and your colleagues to work from a common resource pool and ensuring that everyone is making changes to the most up-to-date version. Apply advanced capabilities to transform and move content, creating review and publication workflows with editorial controls and notifications.Sign in using your CalNet ID and Passphrase: https://hub.berkeley.edu/page/site-index.

Survey Monkey

Easily create your own professional survey's with Survey Monkey. Survey's can be sent by email, posted on websites, Facebook pages, in blogs, or on Twitter posts. With Survey Monkey you can download your results into a variety of formats including Excel, Adobe PDF, HTML or XML summary and it can be easily converted into charts and graphs. To create an account go to: http://www.surveymonkey.com/ and click on "Sign Up FREE" for a basic plan.

Google Applications

Create and share your work online, manage documents, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys, and access your documents from anywhere. Google Docs is a suite of products that lets you create different kinds of online documents, work on them in real time with other people, and store your documents and your other files -- all online, and all for free. With an Internet connection, you can access your documents and files from any computer, anywhere in the world.

Google Documents

Google documents is an online word processor that lets you create and format text documents, and collaborate with other people in real time. With Google Docs you can invite other people to collaborate on a doc with you, giving them edit, comment or view access, collaborate online in real time and chat with other collaborators, view your documents' revision history and roll back to any version, download Google Docs to your desktop as Word, OpenOffice, RTF, PDF, HTML or zip files, translate a document to a different language, and email your documents to other people as attachments. To learn more go to: http://support.google.com/docs.

Google spreadsheets

Google spreadsheets is an online spreadsheet application that lets you create and format spreadsheets, charts, and gadgets, and simultaneously work with other people. With Google spreadsheets you can import and convert .xls, .csv, .txt and .ods formatted data, export .xls, .csv, .txt and .ods formatted data and PDF and HTML files, use formatting and formula editing so you can calculate results and make your data look the way you'd like, chat in real time with others who are editing your spreadsheet, create charts and gadgets, and embed a spreadsheet, or individual sheets of your spreadsheet, in your blog or website. To learn more go to: http://support.google.com/docs.

Google Presentations

Google presentations is an online presentations editor that allows you to show off your work in a visual way. Here's what you can do with Google presentations: Share and edit presentations with your friends and coworkers, import and convert existing presentations in .pptx and .pps file types, download your presentations as a PDF, a PPT, or a .txt file, insert images and videos, and format your slides, allow real-time viewing of presentations, online, from separate remote locations, and publish and embed your presentations in a website, allowing access to a wide audience. To learn more go to: http://support.google.com/docs.

Google Drawings

Google drawings is an online drawings editor that lets you create anything from a scribble to a flow chart while working collaboratively with other people. Here's what you can do with Google drawings: Share and edit drawings with your friends and coworkers, download your presentations as a PNG, JPEG, SVG, or PDF file, insert images, shapes, and lines, and format them to fit your preferences, real-time collaboration with other people, no matter where they are, and insert a drawing into a document, spreadsheet, or presentation. To learn more go to: http://support.google.com/docs.

Create an ePortfolio with Google Sites

Personal / Academic Portfolio

A personal ePortfolio is a place to organize your work. It can be used to showcase your class assignments over the course of your college career and keep a record of your extracurricular activities.

Professional Portfolio

A professional ePortfolio shows off your skills to potential employers. This ePortfolio can include a resume, cover letter, list of references, and any projects you want to showcase.

For full instructions on creating an interactive Portfolio with Google Sites go to: https://sites.google.com/site/eportfolioapps/

Make a Twitter Account

Communicate with your class through Twitter! Setting up an account is easy. Go to: https://twitter.com/ and follow their simple step by step instructions to start tweeting and to follow others.

Manage Assignments and more in bCourses

bSpace is a web-based communication environment that supports teaching and learning. In bCourses instructors can:

  • Build a syllabus online.
  • Create and collect assignments.
  • Create and use a robust grade book.
  • Create groups and/or sections.
  • Collect and share resources.
  • Insert blogs and dynamic content
  • Facilitate online discussions with Forum and Chat Room tools
  • Use the Wiki tool to write collaboratively.
  • Create Surveys.
  • Login or create your account now: https://www.ets.berkeley.edu/services-facilities/bcourses